The server's stability relies on your donations to keep producing the high-quality service we provide each and every day.
In return, we will provide additional points which can help you to maximize the potential of your character
The amount of rewards depends on following:

Donation amount rewards.

100 php = 100 Points

300 php = 320 Points

500 php = 540 Points

1,000 php = 1,100 Points

1,500 php = 1,650 Points

2,000 php = 2,300 Points

2,500 php = 3,000 Points

Remittance can be done on these services:
Receiver name: Renmark Laurence Malaluan
Address: Cabuyao, Laguna
Phone number: 09090207922


NOTE: Please add 5% of the amount when sending thru paypal as the amount will be charged to us.
Failure to comply will result to points deduction on your total reward.